9th December 2016 Angela Hughes

Fairy Dust and Aromatherapy for the Win.

We have quite a good routine with our children for bedtime, I like to think so anyway.
We eat dinner at 5pm, then when we finish at around 545pm we move to quiet time/Melody for a bit then proceed to bathe/dress the boys for bed. Stories are always a part of our bedtime for them, and i am glad for that. It gives all of us time to relax/negotiate into bed. Sometimes we deviate, and i would hope that they could be more flexible as they get a bit older with going on holiday/around to grandparents. We need to work that last part out still.

Of course, children will be children.
These summer (rainy, but summer) days are long and can be slightly stressful for bedtimes everywhere.

“It’s still light out mummy/daddy”

The bedtime routine usually turns into a rather excruciatingly tedious activity, with the excuses from our 3.5-year-old growing ever longer.
“Can i have 5 stories tonight, pleeeaaaase??”
“I’m 3 so that means three stories.”
“Mummy/daddy you didn’t say goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite. Or hugged me enough. Or kissed me enough. Teddy has dropped on the floor and I am too lazy/manipulative to get him myself. I need two towels on my bed, I need this blue pillowcase.” The list goes on….and on.

I jumped at the chance to review this ‘magic spray’ from Emily Jolie, i thought about the possibilities of having a more relaxing bedtime experience with the children.
I felt/feel guilty about the fact that both me and my husband count the seconds to bedtime, even though really, this is our special time with the children. The only real family time we have during the week.
They deserve our full attention, and we try to give it as much as possible…but there are times…

We have been talking about ways to help make bedtime an easier way to wind down from the day for all of us. Parents included.
I am lucky to have my husband back for bedtime (perks of being self-employed) and we work as a team to make it ‘reasonably’ relaxing for all involved.

Recently though, as children often do we have had pushing back from both boys. One is teething/growth spurting/grumpy and the other is just being a 3.5 year old.

So. Know you know how we do things. To the spray.

When Emily had this beautifully dressed bottle of magic liquid sent to me to test I was/am very excited. I am all things natural, aroma-giving, and relaxing.

I started by spraying (and praying) in both boys rooms around 10 minutes before we would be in full bedtime swing, closed the doors just to keep it in.
I also actually sprayed the landing too, as we spend around five minutes brushing teeth and hugging and kissing goodnight etc. Whats the harm?

So ass soon as I used the bottle I got an immediate result in that I was pretty much instantly relaxed. That way aromatherapy punches you in the face, in a lovely way.
It wasn’t overpowering in any sense, it seemed to fill the room with about four sprays at various points in the room.
That familiar and comforting smell of lavender was the first note, with a soothing background smell of what i think was chamomile and at the end was this gentle after-smell of citrus. Not an in-your-face smell but it was certainly there.
These smells are all known to help with relaxation and comfort but I do not think I have seen this combination before, it was in essence…. divine.

So after I tidied the boys rooms and managed to swing myself downstairs on the tune of relaxation i remembered what was coming. A hostage negotiation of sorts.

I could smell it coming downstairs after me, wafting and reaching out to us.

The after-events I don’t put down to the spray, in fact I think the spray made for an easier more relaxing bedtime.

There was a general more relaxed feel, and each night we have used it the mood seems even more relaxed.

When i feed Elias his night bottle he seems to drift off more readily, more willingly.
The room has a pleasant scent that permeates both of us. Mummy relaxed and baby relaxed. So much so, I have to keep from nodding off.

Elias has been growth spurting this week and has been a nightmare to settle, so this spray has been very welcome and necessary. We have used it for about 4 nights now and I am starting to really enjoy spraying the rooms before just so that I can get a good deep breath of it.
Both boys seem to love it, they seem more relaxed and we haven’t had too much trouble with them wanting to go to bed.
I think that the cumulative effect of a relaxed bedtime atmosphere has really helped us settle each other. As children pick up on any tension I think that us feeling more chilled out has made a big difference in the routine.

I call that a success in my book.

I will be trying the Romantic spray very soon I think!!!

You can try the range by visiting: Emily’s Website
or going to: Emily Jolie’s Facebook

Update: I tried the Romance spray, it was divine.