7th April 2017 Angela Hughes

Review: Crumbs and Doilies in Soho!

Anyone who knows me well…knows I like to watch youtube videos about cake. CAKE!

Making cakes, eating cakes and selling cakes.

I would say that if I wasn’t wanting a career in film, then I would be opening a cake shop.

We went to London this week to see The Shins in concert (more on that next week), and I nagged James to let me find Crumbs and Doilies in Soho so I could try some cake (off-diet!).

Located in Kingly Court in Soho, Crumbs and Doilies adds the right amount of sugar to the beautifully set courtyard.

The shop itself is all about the simplicity of cake; pastel colours, soda, cute slogans and CAKE itself.

There were humungous slabs of cake, mini-diddy-cupcakes, soda pop and bigger cupcakes that caused me to drool and shake slightly. I told you, I love cake.

Choosing was the hardest part, of course. There were many flavours; biscoff, blueberry cheesecake, cookies and creme, matcha, raspberry ripple and Tiramisu among them!

I went for 4 mini cupcakes: Blueberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Matcha and Red Velvet. My husband did the manly thing and went for a hunk of brownie, chocomania!

Adorably packed in kraft boxes (is there any other kind of cute box?) and handed to us, we went on our way.

The cupcakes were delicately taken out of the container for consumption by me in the evening, after waiting ALL day.

I really enjoyed them. They were all moist, delicate and yet punchy in flavour. The blueberry cheesecake had a crumbly biscuit base and was not overly sweet. Definately not too cloying.

The red velvet was well rounded and crumbly, gone in one bite…!

The tiramisu was heaven and the matcha was earthy and danced on the side of savoury. All were well rounded in flavour and gone within seconds.

If you’re ever in Soho (or in London generally) I thoroughly recommend a visit. If you don’t want to wait for Cupcake Jemma to visit you…. visit her youtube channel!