7th May 2017 Angela Hughes

There Be A Pox In This House! How our week has been:

For the past four or so years, we have managed to avoid catching chickenpox. I don’t know how we managed it really because every year around April and May there is a huge epidemic of chickenpox that goes around. This year was the year we caught it, and I wasn’t surprised at all we did. I wasn’t really looking for the children to catch it but at the same time, if we did, I wanted to be prepared and ready for two weeks or thereabouts of raging cabin fever.

Luckily, to some extent, most of Jonathans and Elias’ friend have had it or wanted it so have been around to play with him. And we have had this past week fly-by as a result. Elias had the first few spots come up the night after we had a friend of Jonathan’s around (typically) and we knew there and then, the poor thing had spots firstly on his testicles and it spread within a day to the trunk of his body and his hairline and scalp. He actually, quite surprisingly had it as mild as I remember having it. He’s been a superstar. Thank god.

I was most worried about the youngest catching it because I was certain we would endure a whole week of restless, bored and frustrated behaviour due to his age. On the whole, Elias has been ok. I say ok because (touch wood) I believe the last pox has scabbed. And we survived Elias’ breakout relatively unscathed.

Keep in mind Jonathan has not yet started breaking out in spots, and I am ready for him to be covered as I have been informed that the second to have it depending on how close in contact (ie: hugging, kissing) will be more covered. So watch this space.

We have been enjoying the little things this week, the sun hasn’t been shining as brightly but we have taken advantage of the dry weather to do the cleaning, pressure washing and playing in the garden. It is truly amazing how children can fill the space they are in, they use our little courtyard area to roleplay and hang out with each other. The rest of our garden needs a good sort out, and we haven’t had time to do it really this week.

Our routine has been knocked for six, as I’m usually able to get on with things whilst the children are at nursery…. but Elias is just slightly too young to be left alone like that. Jonathan would quietly play and read and chill our whilst I get on with housework. Elias had been needy (quite rightly so) and wanted a lot of contact. Cuddles and kisses the whole week, it’s been pretty much bliss. I don’t get to be with him much since we increased his nursery hours, and I miss him. Just that chatting he loves, the babbling. The little things.

We found a bee in the house that had the children giggling and amazed, we managed to save him and popped him outside on the top of the boy’s playhouse. Where he stayed for three hours clinging to life int he howling wind before taking off for the afternoon. I’m glad he was alive to tell the tale because I can trust Jonathan to hold me accountable personally for that bumblebees life.
I managed to take some photos of it before he went but forgot to take photos of Elias’ full blown chickenpox. In the eventuality of Jonathans, I will record it, as with all that happens with your firstborn!

Here are some tips to help you through a chickenpox week:

  • Loose cotton/ flowy clothing. This helps the spots not rub and creates airflow aiding healing
  • Long sleeve vests with poppers, a godsend with helping to stop itching.
  • Teach the child to ‘pat’ or ‘rub’ the itching skin. Helping to slow down spreading of the spots.
  • I try not to bathe the children too often as they have eczema, but I did give Elias a bath every day with some bicarbonate of soda, this really helped to stop the itching.
  • VIRASOOTHE. Use today’s modern medicine! This stuff was our best friend.
  • Calamine. A classic but essential lotion. Used it on top of the virasoothe once dried.
  • Piriton syrup. This helped stop the itching and provided relief quickly from the itching.
  • Elias did have a slight temperature, so had some children’s Paracetamol. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD IBUPROFEN. It can cause the chickenpox to become worse and possibly cause life-threatening issues.
  • Let your child do whatever they need to to get through this week, movies, food, ice lollies to help with sore mouths, increased tablet time (!) and encourage naps. Rest is so helpful, although saying that…. a two-year-old won’t usually care about what you think is best! Do what you have to, and be present for lots of cuddles.

If you have any other tips for getting through a poxy time let me know! We still have one child to start showing spots!

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