10th May 2018 Angela Hughes

Let There Be Gin! ~Gin and Tonic Lemon Drizzle cake Recipe~

So here I am again, procrastinating in my own way…..

Here is my Gin and Tonic Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe for those days where you too…. want to delay assessment writing!


Top tips before you begin:

  • If you buy waxed lemons, soak them in boiling water for one minute to remove the outer wax so you can zest them.
  • Roll them before you juice, this will release more wonderful juice for your syrup… wear gloves if you have cuts on your hands….
  • Cream the butter and sugar for a good five minutes on high speed to help incorporate air.
  • Use granulated sugar on top of the cake at the dn, you will find it provides the better crunch level.

So here is what you came here for:


200g unsalted butter (stork is just as good if you have it in..)

200g caster sugar

4 medium eggs

200g self-raising flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

zest of 1 lemon

75ml gin – I used my favourite Spire Gin, use your favourite or if you want to try Spire Gin… click the link!

Ingredients for the syrup:

125g caster sugar

125ml tonic water (I used Fever Tree Mediterranean for a zingy flavour!)

1 and half tbsp gin (again, add an extra tbsp if you want a stronger flavour!)

1 lime and 1 lemon, cut these in half longways then into crescent moon shapes


Preheat the oven to 180.

Cream sugar and flour on high for five minutes, if you hand mix… sorry! Go for it, but wait until you have light a pale creamy sugar butter before moving on.

Mix in the eggs, one at a time… if it curdles you can add the flour in to bring it back.

Add the flour.

Add the gin…. gently… don’t waste that precious gin.

Stick in the oven, I checked at the 30 minute mark. If a skewer pulls out clean when you test it is done.

Whilst that is baking…..


Make the syrup.

Pop the sugar and tonic water along with the gin in a pan… I also juiced half of the lemon and put in in…it is a lemon drizzle you know..

Simmer until the sugar has dissolved.. then reserve half the syrup for soaking the cakes later…. DO NOT TRY AND EAT IT LIKE I DID. IT IS HOT (cue me immediately regretting that decision)

Cut the other half of the lemon into half crescents and simmer in the syrup you have left for 10 minutes…. or until the pith is more translucent. Place to the side to dry slightly.


Once the cake is out, poke holes in the cake but only to about 2/3 deep and sprinkle liberally (I mean pour) granulated sugar all over that bad boy (sorry I mean lady, this is high tea after all) and then gently pour the warm syrup on top.

Dress with the candied lemon and wait…. just wait until cool enough…


Place somewhere out of reach like i did….!


Enjoy, and be happy. There’s cake!

Let me know if you make it, and how do you like your gin?