This is me

and my Ins and Outs.

Who am I? I’m not the 1998 Jackie Chan film, which you should watch if you can. It’s got some great moments, but already I digress.

I’m a mother, blogger, photographer, wife and aspiring film professional. I say aspiring because I am slowly coming to the conclusion that with my hectic life, my original plan for a career has gone tits up. Not in a bad way, I do not regret anything. I want to compromise, balance and eat my cake.

I love to write about life, film and television and things that annoy/please/amuse/make me think.
I have strong opinions about things, and I parent my own way. All opinions are my own (whose else would they be?) I enjoy my current education that my children provide, but I would like more. I want more moments that I can make my brain work for, more that I can use and help make my brain feel less mushy after having children.
I talk about anything and everything, I’m not really afraid to talk about issues like feminism, bladder weakness (kids), sex, lady-talk, man-talk, mental health issues and health issues alike.

There may be some Not Safe For Work moments, but that’s life.
Come enjoy it with me,