Grovely Woods is located in Wilton, near Salisbury. Its most likely my favourite location in the world, I have so many nice memories associated with it. If you would like to learn about this picturesque portion of heaven, click here.

If you enter via my favourite way; via the old Middle School in Wilton (The Hollows) carry up the long path to the fork by the farm. Take the right fork if you want to go straight to the avenue (the Roman Road) which then leads down a loooooong road, and you can circle back on yourself by taking many of the paths that do that. We ended up walking for around 5km, and thoroughly enjoyed it. As you can see, we were lucky with the weather and the Bluebells!

Hurry up and get to Grovely Woods if you want to see them, they will soon be gone.


If you would like a bit of history Grovely Woods and its connections with Wilton….. click here to learn about the Handsel Sisters