This week we can finally celebrate the actual arrival of SUMMER. Yes. It has come. Unfortunately the usual nuisances have also come, suncream…. trying to put it on two active boys is mostly like applying cream to an octopus. Hats…. my 2 year old just will not keep them on, it’s a constant fight to keep Elias from getting too hot.  Nightime battles in the form of duvets, telling children they only need a light layer of clothing and sheets for bedtime is…. hard work. There is usually an argument about the fact that excessive amounts of pillows and teddies in the bed are actually not helpful fighting nighttime heat.

Still….. I digress….. SUMMER IS HERE FOR NOW. REJOICE!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Country Fairs (torrents of rain come with.)

Airfields and ice cream

Water play!